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"The Machine" Mural at NCR

Machine Mural

Had the awesome opportunity to do another mural for NCR. This one is kind of badd-ass. I tried a bunch of different techniques and started using some insane fluorescent paint.

by John Tindel on February 22, 2019
Sloppy Southern Surrealism. (WIP)

Sloppy Southern Surrealism. (WIP)

Southern Surrealism

About time I started a new painting. I’ve had a half done dirty bird sitting around the studio since before Summer ‘18. Well I was looking at it tonight and thought I may try to pull off a little sloppy surrealism.

by John Tindel on January 30, 2019
22Squared + Tindel

22Squared + Tindel

22Squared + Tindel

Excited to have been given a chance to try out this text/southern dialect style on a larger scale. Bold bright colors and a lot of handcut lettering. Below are some in progress and finished shots of the mural.

by John Tindel on January 26, 2019


Atlanta rises from the ashes like a Phoenix.

This Mural was created for NCR in their new headquarter building in Atlanta, Ga. This illustration has always been for Atlanta, and I am excited to get to spread it throughout the city.

by admin on August 28, 2018

EXHIBIT: Beyond Words at Swan Coach House Gallery

Art is a visual language.

Its aim: to communicate.  BEYONDWORDS explores how artists combine images and words to produce thoughts and feelings not generated by either alone. There is a space between the two that offers possibilities and inspiration to the artist where words are a catalyst for visual expression.

by admin on March 13, 2018

TindelMichi: Southern Star

“Southern Star” by TindelMichi (John Tindel & Michi Meko)Medium: Acrylic, aerosol...
by admin on December 03, 2014


John Tindel is an artist and designer working out of Atlanta, GA. As an early pioneer of the Atlanta art scene and suffering from what he calls “obsessive creative disorder,” Tindel’s work comments on Southern culture with unique imagery and wit.


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